1. Because part 4 flopped in the G.U. Franchise stripping the player from all of the previously earned weapons and put all of the cool weapons such as hammers and, dual swords, and also swords as part of haseo’s skill list.

  2. Who the hell are half these damn characters? I only recognized Haseo, Kite, and Natsume, everyone else looks like some generic waifu. What the hell?! Dot.Hack has such a distinct visual style and if you're looking at characters from the actual games, even LINK, you can tell who or at least where they're from.

  3. after having played the G.U. HD remake, outside of a few minor changes that didnt sit right with me, but werent important (friendship meters having hearts instead of circles, the 'tap x' dual blade attack feeling alot less satisfying) everything else feels nice and nostalgic even with the newer graphics. id give it an 8/10 and reccomend it heavily to anyone who loved the old games, and to buy it on disk so you can get your friends into it too

  4. Wow it is bizarre watching these videos and just finding out earlier this week .hack via the remaster of .hack//G.U. It kind of gives me hope they will do it with the original games. Though I am holding my breath on new games for the series, since I don't see how they can expand the story without ruining it. Heck .hack//LINK never made it here and I am kind of glad since that game was very gimmicky and reminded me to much of Digimon merged with .hack.

  5. i am very fan of this game and i say is my character in Loquendo adventures, but only speak in Spanish 😀 But i work to remeberber forever to this game in my channel uwu 😀 I love it to meet another Dot.Hack//guys :3

  6. Phantasy Star Online 2 and Phantasy Star Nova are my favorite .hack// games. Why? BECAUSE THEY PLAY LIKE .HACK// GAMES.

    .hack//Link is okay, and I'm loving the english translation, but CC2 messed up with it in one massive way: GIVE ME MORE THAN FOUR AREAS TO EXPLORE DAMMIT. The actual battlefields and walking are in the same four tiny areas with minor differences, and the core enjoyment of the game shifts from exploring battlefields with the familiar characters to just listening to and reading the story cutscenes. No player should ever dread the ACTION parts of a game due to repetitive qualities. :/

  7. Hey Havian. Wanted to ask if there are Job extensions like Steam Gunner and if each class gets different souls. F.e. Bladers get… idk Ovan, Balmung or Orca as soul and Twin Bladers Kite, Haseo and etc.? I saw sth. Blue Flamish did that came from Kites soul?

  8. Well, while I don't see this really as a ".hack//" game. I do think it could be a fun little side-title. Sort of how other titles have off-shoots like this, for mobile. Including the Gundam franchise.

    That said, have you seen the PV trailer for "Project LayereD"? It's a new title that was drafted up by CC2, and I'm definitely feeling good about the setting they've showed us in said PV trailer.

  9. .Hack may comeback thanks to the popularity of SAO. Bandai seems focused on the making the SAO games right now. Maybe in the next few years we'll see a reboot of .Hack because I doubt the current generation remembers or cares about .Hack. Many of the SAO anime fans don't even know .Hack exists. They think SAO was the birth of the "stuck in game" genre.

  10. Every few months, for the past like 7 years lol…, I check up on the series. I was really let down the Link. This looks interesting though. Hope they make a new MMORPG sim or even better, an actual MMORPG for the current gen of system.

  11. Haven't played .hack since .hack/GU:Rebirth o.O
    I do remember looking it up and found that they made an MMO but it either had terrible times for advertisement or they didn't advertise it at all :/ It flopped hard and explains why they are trying the mobile department because they need to make up for the huge loss from the MMO.

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